Fragrance Du Bois

Founded in 2013, Fragrance Du Bois’s continuously evolving journey began with exploring the character possibilities of Oud; an elemental ingredient that resonates throughout the heritage of perfume creation.

Collaborating with Master Perfumers nurtured a curiosity that grew as we began a deeper exploration of ingredients, always allowing ourselves the time to unveil the unseen facets of the olfactory spectrum, pushing the boundaries and revealing the power of innovation. Master Perfumers embrace the opportunity to collaborate with Fragrance Du Bois as they are given the opportunity to compose and construct fragrances from the most precious ingredients with no constraints or limitations. Our evocative fragrances take sensory aspects from the world around us, such as form, colour, seasons and locations. Interpreting and reimagining them as fragrances; textured, kinetic and utterly compelling.

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