I’ve been battling some dermatitis on my chin for over a year. One five minute look and Dany knew exactly what I should be using. Within about 5 days it’s almost totally cleared up. Thank you Dany!! It’s such a gift to look in the mirror and see clear skin and not red irritated bumps all over my chin!

Tova Gerson, New YorkOctober 2023

Dany Diop, Oud Zuid

Looking for the ultimate facial in Amsterdam? Those in the know head to Dany Diop, who was trained by the renowned epidemiologist Joëlle Ciocco and Dr Philippe Allouche of Biologique Recherche (a brand he uses and stocks, alongside Augustinus Bader, Osmosis and more). Dany takes a holistic approach to treatments, looking at the skin and lifestyle factors that could be affecting the complexion. As you enter the reception, the glass cabinets lined with perfume bottles and luxurious skincare give the space a charming feel, a little like a beauty enthusiast’s living room or modern apothecary. Every treatment starts with an in-depth 45-60 minute skin analysis before Dany creates a bespoke treatment to support the general health of your complexion rather than being harsh or invasive. He mixes ingredients like medical-grade retinol, niacinamide, vitamin C and peptides depending on the skin’s needs. Each facial includes sculpting massage on the skin and inside the mouth to release tension, giving a visible lift to the face.

Must buy: A bespoke facial with Dany costs €280 (around £247) for two hours. Dany also recommends the Osmosis Rescue Serum, €130 (around £114), which does it all from soothing acne, rosacea and sun damage while restoring the skin and protecting skin against blue light.

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Condé Nast TravellerMarch 2023

Becoming More Intentional with my Skin (and Time): A facial and a Q&A with Dany Diop in Amsterdam.

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DanikaNo Destinations

Vous êtes un magicien de la peau. Je voyage dans le monde entier, mais je n’ai jamais expérimenté un tel traitement. Non seulement vous avez des connaissances professionnelles exceptionnelles, mais vous utilisez les meilleurs produits qui existent sur le marché. C’est un grand plaisir de se faire dorloter chez vous, on sort une autre personne.

Merci pour ce moment privilégié, vous êtes génial.


J’attends la prochaine fois avec impatience.

Claire T., France

Since March 2020 I have been going to Dany regularly because I have been suffering from acne for 10 years. Unlike other skin specialists, the process is very personal and Dany and his team look not only at my skin but also at my lifestyle, diet, etc.

I always feel very comfortable and I like that I can walk in or call whenever I want. My skin has improved a lot without using any drugs that cause side effects. Dany also looks to the future and I can say for the first time that I am not afraid that my acne will come back.



Hermed et forsøg – du må godt lige kigge den sprogligt igennem

My entire life I have suffered from a bad skin. I have never liked going outside a door without wearing makeup – not to mention the thought of having pictures taken without makeup on. My skin was red and irritated with blisters and acne – I had received several more or less good advices. Some “experts” believed I had rosalia, yet no-one seemed to be able to treat it. Visiting my brother in Amsterdam he suggested to visit Dany Diop. I was honestly very sceptic, but for the sake of peace I thought it could be worth a try.

The minute we spoke to Dany he had no doubt what products my skin needed and I have to surrender and say he was right. My skin improved significantly and today I’m not afraid of leaving home without makeup or having pictures taken – not even after a hard training in the gym.

I am so grateful and will never use other products for my skin.

Har vedlagt 2 billeder fra henholdsvis før og efter – vist ingen tvivl om hvad der er hvad 🙂

Knus ❤



We have been working with Dany Diop for 8 months and his products and
services have transformed our skin for the best. His team is incredibly
kind and knowledgeable about what the best products are for your
individual skin type and concerns and they work with you to create a
long-term plan for change you want to see. We sincerely trust his
opinion and will always be a loyal customer.


I didn’t expect Amsterdam to be a place where I could find one of the
best skin care specialists to treat my skin. Tailor made for me, and not
just my symptoms.

Skin Care Biologique Recherche

DanikaNo Destinations

Having been a victim of high-Street facials, I can honestly say Dany
gave me The First Facial in my life this year! It is genuinely a
pleasure and ‘skin changing’ to meet someone so passionately attuned to
a holistic approach in achieving naturally beautiful skin. He is simply
gifted and generously shares his positive, light energy to help you
restore your skin to its Natural beauty. Thank you Dany for sharing. My
friends and family have already noticed the difference.

Linette LeeNew Zealand

Dany Diop has transformed my skin! Before I started seeing Dany
regularly for facials, my skin looked grey, dry, and dull. Now I have
glowing dewy luminous skin.

My fine lines have dramatically disappeared after seeing him and my
ultimate beauty product is the serum that he makes and sells in his

Dany always caters the facials to what your skin needs at the time which
I am amazed by every time. Dany is the best of the best!

Elizabeth Medovich

One of the main reasons for me to visit Amsterdam was to have facial
with Dany. I must say, that this was the best facial experience ever! I
am huge skin care junky and I will make tremendous home work (read
scientific articles, etc.) before I buy any product. I’m also very
demanding when it comes to facials.

Dany exceed all my expectations. He is extremely knowledge and
experienced! Moreover, he uses only the best products and mainly Medical
Skincare. You can be sure that he will advise the best treatment regime
dedicated precisely to your skin needs.  He is passionate, extremely
knowledgeable and devoted. I don’t have enough words to praise him.
Even, if I need to take a 2.5 hours flight to Amsterdam and pay the
extra cost for the plane tickets- believe me! – this skincare wizard is
worth every penny! Dany has been the best gift to my skin <3!


Я хочу поблагодарить косметолога –
специалиста Dany Diop. Его treatments –
замечательны! Результат ощутим уже во
время самой процедуры. Мне очень
нравится, что у средств, которые
подбирает Dany,натуральный состав.
Отдельно хочу отметить коллекцию
парфюма! Она большая, нестандартная. За
новым ароматом- только к Dany!

NinaMoscow, Russia

Anoosha Foroughi

When I went to Amsterdam I had every intention on snagging an appointment with Dany after reading his many great reviews online. Unfortunately my time there and his being booked did not allow for a full on appointment. That being said I spoke to Dany for a good amount of time and he was SO informative and for once–I found someone who actually knew what they were talking to. I was using all Biologique Recherche products but not the ones I should be. He told me what to use and what I should discontinue using. He also recommended a propolis masque for my traveling skin as well as my hyper pigmented skin. Let me just say, in that short amount of time and with his advice my skin looks absolutely flawless. This man is a genius and I look forward to the day that I can have a full on consultation and appointment with him. Thank you Dany! And please come to Los Angeles soon!

Sasha M.Miami, Florida

Het is alweer zo’n 4 jaar geleden dat ik bij Dany aanklopte. De eerste kennismaking was bijzonder! Nooit eerder was er door middel van vragen (wat eet je, hoe vaak zit je op de fiets, wat doe je voor werk?) een huidbalans opgemaakt. Maar it all makes sense now! Dany kijkt niet alleen naar de huid maar vooral ook naar alles wat er onder zit. Een complete holistische benadering. En wat is hij leuk! Elke keer als ik de salon verlaat ben ik niet alleen blij met het mooie advies en de producten maar vooral weer helemaal positief geladen. Dany lights up your day!

Als stewardess is goede huidverzorging essentieel voor mij. Al dat vliegen kan funest zijn voor de huid. Maar dankzij Dany’s (vaak zelf gebrouwen en op maat gemaakte) producten heb ik mijn balans gevonden. Hij heeft zelfs een speciale ‘vlieg crème’ voor mij ontwikkeld, een verschil van dag en nacht!  Ik heb al heel veel collega’s zijn kant op gestuurd want ik gun iedereen een Dany. Ik wil nooit meer anders!


I am a 28 years old female from China and have spent huge amounts of money and time in useless and expensive cosmetics. I was getting worried as my wedding was getting closer and my skin was not what i wanted. My friend recommended me Dany , and when I met him it turned out that my friend was right, Dany is a skin master!

After consultation, i had doubts because of the simplicity of the prescription he gave me. but after two weeks, I saw improvement of my skin status: trace of acne gone! Two months later on my wedding day, my make up artist asked me what i did to get my skin so good, compare to what it was by the first make up try out. Nowadays lots of my friends are going to Dany and I would recommend everybody seeking for a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin to visit Dany.

Guannan BaiRotterdam


Stephanie TencyNetherlands

I came across Dany while visiting Amsterdam. After checking out his website and reading the testimonials, I knew I wanted a facial from him. He is truly genuine, compassionate, and knowledgeable, a real skincare aficionado; in my eye’s, a godsend. I have had sensitive and reactive skin for years and it has been challenging at times when using the recommended Biologique Recherche products. Dany did not only evaluate my skin but he also looked at the health of my skin, (e.g, diet). After receiving a facial from him, I noticed less irritation and redness overall.  Furthermore, Dany is a minimalist when it comes to a skincare regimen, which I believe has helped my skin significantly. Due to, Dany’s background experience and in general his passion for skincare, I completely had faith in him when he offered to create a cream for my sensitive skin. This cream has been my Holy Grail, my skin continues to improve.

Dany Diop’s spa should be a tourist attraction for those who have skin concerns and/or enjoy getting facials. Hands down the best facial ever!!! Both Dany and his assistant, Dien are very accommodating and caring individuals. Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you again!

IreneSchererville USA

Dany diop is a wizard with skin. I trust him completely, he has an intuitive knowledge about skin that is beyond all the commercial stuff that is out there now. Truely one of the best!!! Love❤ D.



Dany will take one look at your skin, understand what it needs and ‘prescribe’ you a skincare routine that will transform your skin into its best possible version. Rather than pushing a dozen of product suggestions on you, he advocates a minimal routine with high quality products that actually work. After a facial with him and using the advised products, my face has ever since been consistently even toned and balanced. There’s nothing more I could wish for. Thank you!


I have been struggling with bad skin since i was a teenager and nobody could help me(doctors and dermatologists). A girl friend sent me to Dany, he told me that I was suffering from Perioral Dermatitis. It took hem eight weeks to give me the skin i have always dreamt of,and my self confidence back. If somebody deserves exposure , it’s Dany because he could help a lot of people out there facing difficult skin issues

Peter JanNetherlands

The “to do thing” I would recommend anybody visiting Amsterdam is to book a facial or a consultation by Dany Diop. The best customized treatment and the best prescription I ever had. Will tell all my friends Magical!

GailFlorida USA

Mijn held, mijn huid-goeroe! Ga alsjeblieft nooit bij me weg. Wat een fijn gevoel was het om me aan jouw expertise over te geven de afgelopen weken. Het is het nu al meer dan 200% waard geweest. Mijn huid voelt goed, natuurlijk en sterk. Thanx to you!. yours forever!


Thank you Dany, you are a true magician with skin. My facies shimmering inside and out! Until next time – I will glow.

Nancee S.Oakland CA

Three years Dany has treated my skin with care and expertise. I walked in with hyperpigmentation all over my face and walked out last week with a tan. I had never thought I could swim and spend time in the sun like I did this summer. I am careful with the sun like anyone should. But do not fear those warming rays any longer. My gratitude is endless and for anyone with the same problem, I highly recommend his treatments, his advice and his natural skin regime. Dany thank you endless!


Dany has a holistic approach to skincare.  With him – you get the sense that he’s looking at the big picture – not just surface issues like pimples or wrinkles. He addresses underlying causes by sharing his knowledge; helping you to understand the way your skin functions and making sure you have the information and products you need to take care of your skin from the inside out. This makes him unique and is the key to achieving the ultimate  long term result:  beautiful and healthy skin

Patisa RasmussenDenmark

Dany transformed my skin! During my treatment I fell asleep several times as he worked on my skin. When I left my skin was glowing and I smelled as good as I looked (of course, I bought a fragrance!)

Jennifer WorickBeauty reporterUSA

Na een jarenlange zoektocht, een badkamer met halfvolle potjes en flesjes terug naar de eerlijke eenvoud. Wat een geweldige persoonlijkheid heeft Dany. Veel dank voor het immer positieve advies. Grxxx Janny


Just perfect!!! Dany doet precies wat je nodig hebt en het resultaat is meer dan je had durven denken. Het is niet alleen de producten zelf, maar de juiste keuze, precies voor jou is het allerbelangrijkste. THE BEST! Hugz, Andriana


What to say? Dany is the best discovery. He loves his work. Brings a creative joy to his work. I tell him “he is the Merlin” of face care. He supports my general well-being-health, in addition to the very best facial and over all face care advice. Do what he says- you won’t regret it. I treasure my twice yearly facials from him when I travel to amsterdam from San Francisco, California.


Na twee jaar in handen van Dany kan ik met recht zeggen dat deze man je huid kan transformeren. Van een gevoelige vlekkerige huid naar stevige glanzende wangen. het is waar, het is echt een testimonial voor een huid expert die het meer dan waar maakt.


I met Dany today and he is, quite possibly, the only man into whose hands I could happily deliver myself. He understands skin, he’s serious about looking after it, he knows his products, and he’s got the knowledge and flair to deliver meaningful skincare.

Rosemary Hepozden

Ben zo blij hier te zijn terecht gekomen, altijd last van een probleemhuid, met mee-eters. Dat is nu verleden tijd! Ik ga hier niet meer weg! Een uitkomst voor mij huid, in een woord geweldig! Bedankt, veel liefs, Sascha


Cher Dany, heerlijk zitten soezen terwijl je me mooi hebt gemaakt. En dat allemaal naast de deur.Hoop dat je nog lang blijft aan de spiegelgracht! liefs


I am sooo happy I found you ! Because of your knowledge my hyper pigmentation problem is solved! And you know I have tried everything. Chemical peels, lasers you name it. Because of your advice and treatment my skin is balanced and radiant. No more dark patches ! Thank you so much


I got into Dany’s shop and wanted a face cream for man. He replied: If you can bring me male ingredients I will make a male cream for you. He asked me some questions and told me what ik exactly needed. I bought it, gave it a try and believe me my skin has never looked that good. I am hooked.


In my 2 years i’ve been coming to Dany my skin has been totally transformed. My pigmentation is almost completely gone. Thanks Dany, my skin saviour !


Wat een prachtige zaak! En wat ben ik goed geholpen. Nogmaals veel dank!


Dany is lief een heel goed mens! Ook niet onbelangrijk, dat het klikt! De behandelingen zijn het meest geweldige wat een mens zichzelf moet gunnen. Top Top Top


Dany is geweldig! ,zorgzaam, deskundig , vrolijk een aanrader dus !


De Biologique recherce producten zijn de beste producten die ik voor mijn ver van ideale huid heb gehad. Nog nooit zo tevreden geweest met mn huid. Dany, goed werk !


Erg tevreden ik kom graag terug, ga zo door!!


Ik ben zeer tevreden!


Wederom !! geweldig !! Ik ga echt nooit meer vreemd! Al word ik 80! Kus


Monsieur Dany, je suis tres revitalisee!! Oftwel ik voel me weer fris en fruitig, thanks to you my dear.


Le meilleur traitement que j’ai eu. Tres heureuse d’avoir vecu les bonnes mains du maestro Dany, bisous


Dear Dany, Je maakt mij blij en natuurlijk heel ‘mooi’. Dank je wel, je bent top!


Hello Dany, It’s Retna here, friend of Bregje’s. I just wanted to let you know that my skin has improved so much since I came to see you. I think it is a combination of the creams and the treatment you gave me as I haven’t really done much to change my diet. I am so so grateful that you have helped me, as i was worried I was going to have red cheeks for the rest of my life. Thank you Dany, have a great week, til next time. Retna x


Mon cher Dany, Wat heerlijk om 2 uur bij jou een prinsessen behandeling te krijgen! En er daarna mega goed uitzien. Love it! Kus


Mijn lieve vriendin cynthia heeft me jou gebracht en ze had me geen mooier cadeau kunnen geven. Dany, ik zo blij met jou en ik vertrouw jou en je kennis. Ik hoop dat je je blijft ontwikkelen. Zoiets bijzonders heb ik namelijk nog niet eerder ervaren. Je bent een huid kunstenaar.

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