“I do not adress symptoms, but I adress full skin health.”

With every skin working to it’s own unique set of conditions, Dany’s skin treatment process is quite unlike that of a salon environment. Dany works out a personal treatment tailormade for your skin. Respecting it’s unique balance will bring out it’s natural repair system leading to organic results.

Skin analysis

All treatments begin with a comprehensive analysis of the skin’s current state. Using tests and his trained eye, Dany will diagnose whether treatment can commence immediately or may recommend you wait for your skin to recover before undergoing any further work. With guidance and a home skin-program, you will then be asked to return ready for in-house treatment.

Skin treatment process

Depending on the skin’s condition, Dany will work with his own pure vitamins and formulas of enriched ingredients to develop a specific skin treatment process. If complex problems are an issue, like eczema, pigmentation disorders, acne, psoriasis, melasma to name a few; Dany will recommend an immune repair system to accompany your customised beauty routine.

Skin aftercare

Advising what you use upon leaving is all part of the demure service Dany offers. Recommending that you let your skin be cream free about once a week, Dany will point you in the direction of his exclusive range of products in order to continue your skin’s repair process.

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