Mendittorosa – South


Eu de Parfum South by Mendittorosa. Sultry and slow moving, South brings-up memories of warm, freshly-baked bread, white linen sheets dried in the sun, the pure scent of Marseille soap. Its sensual accord is infused with green cyclamen, luminous syringa and sensual sandalwood. It is the colorful clutter of Mediteranean mood.

Detailed Notes

Italian Bergamot, Egyptian Basil, Cyclamen, Soft Jasmine, “Dry Cleaning Cover”, Philadelphus flower, Australian Sandalwood, White Sandalood, Green Hazelnut, Bread note, Precious Woods, Carot Seeds, Amyris Wood

The Packaging

North and South juices are guarded in a heavy glass bottles (made in France), with metal caps showing geographical coordinates of Scandinavia and Italy. Names of fragrance appear on metal plates hand-attached by Italian artisans. They can be also worn as your personal charm. Every detail of the packaging is checked to ensure the highest quality products. North and South use contrasting and non-obvious colour codes. The cold North is warmed-up with golden/bronze accentswhile hot temper of South is cooled-down with silver elements.

Bottles are hidden in handcrafted wooden boxes – signature symbols of all Mendittorosa scents. It is the exact replica of boxes used for art pieces transport, created by Tuscan sculptor and artist Alessandro Reggioli and officially licensed afterwards.


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