Maria Candida Gentile – Hanbury


The inspiration comes from the gardens of the Hanbury Villa in Ventimiglia, a town in northern Italy by the Mediterranean sea. The essences of this garden have been assembled during a life time by its owner, a very charming and beautiful lady, Dorothy Hanbury. In Spring, these essences combine all together in the air and are blended by the soft and warm wind from the sea producing an exquisite harmony which has been recreated in the Hanbury fragrance. This is the most “feminine” fragrance as to date from the classic range.

Calycanthus is also part of the formula, it is so unique that it defines the bouquet of the whole Hanbury fragrance. It is a very romantic tree Hanbury which blooms in February with very tiny white flowers.

The bergamot flower is a typical Mediterranean raw material. It is sourced from a small organic producer from the Calabria region.

Top notes
Sicilian Lime, Brazilian Bitter Orange, Sicilian Sweet Orange
Heart notes
Calycanthus, Honey, Acacia
Base notes
Oak moss, Siam Benzoin

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