Insìum – Flash Beauty Serum


Flash Beauty Serum by Insìum, maintains firmness and skin tone while preserving optimal levels of hydration.

Flash Beauty Serum by Insìum, helps relax the skin and reduce signs of fatigue, from the very first application. It has an instant lifting effect, improves the skin’s firmness, redefines the face contours. Fresh and dry serum, easy to absorb.


To use as the first product after cleansing. We recommend using as little as possible,  tapping with light touch. The ideal dose must not be higher than a drop. 


  • Suitable for all skin types. Great in the morning to face the day, perfect in the evening before going out.
  • It is recommended to quickly apply a small amount of product without massaging too much. Wait one minute before the application of other treatment.
  • The effect is immediate, the feeling of freshness is accompanied to the intense anti-age activity, the tightening effect persists for hours.
  • You can always keep it with you, a quick retouch gives immediate freshness and a more relaxed look.
  • You can also use it on the upper lip area before applying the make-up to enhance the lips and to mitigate the wrinkles around the eyes.



Facial Care

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