Insìum – 24H Moisture Reveal Serum


24H Moisture Reveal Serum by Insìum, Has superb moisturizing and protective properties that work both instantly and gradually over time, and hydrates the skin.

24H Moisture Reveal Serum by Insìum re balances skin hydration leaving the skin fresh, supple and silky. The serum has a fresh and quenching texture.


We recommend using as little serum as possible and gently massage this over your face. Leave to absorb for 1 minute.


  • Suitable for any age, for all skin types, both male and female.
  • It’s a moisturizing booster that enhances any other treatment.
  • Use morning and evening on face, eyes, neck and decolleté.
  • It’s  ideal also for man after shaving.
  • It has an immediate soothing action that relieves the feeling of stretching and redness: a generous dose on face and eyelids gives relief and a pleasant anti-stress effect.
  • Used before sun care treatment provides a reserve of hydration.
  • For an hydrating booster effect apply the serum before the 24H Source of Water Cream.



Facial Care

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