Blissoma Fresh – Mild Rice Facial Cleanser


Fresh by Blissoma is a unique, vegan, non-soap, daily cream facial cleanser for everyone, everyday.

Fresh is a cruelty-free facial cleanser’s unique construction, that makes it a good choice for both dry skin types, normal skin, and oily, acneic and problem skin. It is the correct, acidic PH for skin and will not damage the acid mantle. Due to the fact that it also contains no soaps or any type of detergent ingredients it does not dissolve or remove oil from the face. Instead it leaves a small amount of healthy, clean oils behind. This leaves the skin fed and softened. However, Fresh will leave a slick feeling just after use on the skin. This can be a bit unsettling at first. Simply pat the skin dry and within a few minutes the slick feeling will be gone and the healthy herbs and oils absorbed into skin, leaving just clean, comfortable, supple skin for you.


Organic, whole brown rice flour gently sweeps over the skin using natural grain fiber to effectively remove dirt and provide energizing B Vitamins. Willowbark extract provides a rich source of natural salicins that exfoliate by dissolving dead skin cells and also discourages bacteria buildup on skin. And using the principle of “like dissolves like” the emollient organic oils of Apricot Kernal, Hemp, and Sunflower mix with the dirty skin oils on your face and lift them, leaving vitamin-rich, soothing nourishment behind. This cleans the skin, instead of stripping it. Infusions of organic Chickweed and Rose tone and freshen circulation to flush away toxins.




120 ml

Facial Care

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