Blissoma Free – Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser & Makeup Remover


Free by Blissoma is a duo-purpose, restorative gel cleanser. Used to remove difficult makeup and all the day’s dirt in one easy, healing wash.

Free is the ideal match for the most reactive and allergic skin types. Due to it’s super pure, simple, and elegant botanical construction. Its ingredients may be easy to understand. But together, the herbs, soapbark, and the gentle organic oils come together to rinse skin clean and balance it all at once.

Organic, food-grade Soapbark extract makes bubbles for your face that everyone can enjoy. Along with the fun of sudsing up an infusion of organic Yerba Mate sweeps over your skin bringing with it 196 active compounds. That’s more than the ever-popular Green Tea. The 11 Polyphenols Yerba Mate boasts possess potent cell protective properties. Yerba Mate in combination with anti-inflammatory Olive Leaf, soothing Linden, regenerating Self Heal (Prunella), and gentle Cornflowers will restore your skin. Even the delicate eye area can be easily washed free of waterproof makeup without tugging or any skin distress.


This gel rinses to a lighter and almost cleaner skin than our Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser. It’s still free of any actual soaps though, and is the correct, skin-friendly, acidic PH. Free is also decidedly and appropriately “free” of even natural origin irritants. Free has no scents at all, no ethyl alcohol (grain alcohol), gluten, or nut ingredients. It also avoids the usual list of synthetic nasties that never appear in our recipes. If you have really reactive skin then this cleanser is suitable for you.


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