Blissoma Bright – Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum


Bright bye Blissoma is a superfood and nutrition-packed jump start serum to keep your eye area looking fresh and energized for years to come.

Your beautiful peepers are precious, and they’re also one of the first spots to show age, fatigue, dehydration, and stress. Bright accomplishes its anti-aging mission with a precisely crafted combination of organic herbs, vitamin and omega fatty acid rich oils, organic aloe, and time release, skin-activated Vitamin C. It spreads on like satin to leave you smooth and supple. All this potent goodness comes to you in a base of soothing herbs that effectively depuff, manage hydration balance, stimulate repair, and strengthen capillaries.


Vitamin C is a proven collagen builder and skin lightener, both of which the eye area needs. Enzymes on your skin break apart our stabilized Vitamin C as they are able to digest it. In other words, you never get more released than your skin can actually use. Our serum is working hard for you for hours after application.

Next in the list of power players is a rich array of antioxidants. Organic Yerba Mate offers polyphenols, Eyebright gives caffeic and ferulic acids, and a high percentage of grape seed Proanthocyanidins offer free radical protection and fight inflammation to preserve your skin’s long term health, elasticity, strengthen the delicate capillary system in the eye area and improve microcirculation – valuable for flushing waste fluids and delivering beneficial nutrients.

Next come the oils, oh, the very best oils! Red Raspberry seed oil has been shown to have sun protective effects and to absorb lightly. Pomegranate is a rich and unique source of Omega 5 fatty acids, also shown to have sun protective benefits. Elegant Argan deeply conditions and Rosehip is a well known source of natural, safe, non-irritating trans-retinoic acid. Deep orange Sea Buckthorn CO2 extracts caps off this luxurious list with more vitamin A carotenoids (thus the orange color).

In adddition, Bright is free from ethyl alcohol, gluten, all scents, nuts, and even soy. The product has a rich color but will not stain skin. The aroma is pleasantly of berries and comes entirely from the botanical ingredients.


Immediatly: increased comfort in the eye area, decreased puffiness, plumping of fine lines, and lasting, nongreasy moisturization.

Within 1 to 2 weeks: decreased depth of fine lines and wrinkles, improved color of under eye area.



All Ages



15 ml

Eye Area

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