Auteur – Definitive Restoration Cream 30ML (1.00Z)



Definitive Restoration Cream

Super-nourishing Formula

A high-active rich cream restores moisture, strengthens the dermal and epidermal junction, and repairs cellular DNA. EverLaSkin™, a potent naturally derived peptide, increases growth factor levels within the skin that are essential to cellular growth, stem cell and fibroblast activity, increasing collagen production. Amino acids, ceramides and AUTEUR’s Hyaluronic Complex restore nourishment and hydration and improve skin density. Antioxidants reverse signs of photo-aging including minimising lines, wrinkles and pigmentation spots, while future-proofing skin against further damage. 

24 karat gold leaf flakes strengthen cell structure and diffuse light across the skin’s surface for instant illumination.

Made in Germany.

30ML (1.00Z)

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