Auteur – Definitive Exploration Set



Definitive Exploration Set

An AUTEUR Essential skincare routine for hydration and cellular regeneration

Explore a high-active regenerative skincare routine with three AUTEUR Essential products. The Definitive Exploration Set embodies all aspects of the AUTEUR skincare philosophy, targeting and improving the cellular foundations of healthy skin.

The Definitive Exploration Set contains a thoughtfully engineered combination of peptides to increase the formation collagen and elastin, and antioxidants to repair and protect against and repair cellular DNA and signs of photoaging. Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid complexes increase hydration levels, calm irritations and reinforce skin’s barrier functions. AHAs gently exfoliate and reveal smoother skin with a radiant glow.

Each set contains the following products:

Definitive Enzyme Cleanser: A high-active, complex composition for gentle yet effective cleansing, exfoliating and brightening. The first act in a high-active skincare routine, enzymes enhance skin’s natural regenerative process, minimise pores, brighten skin and improve texture. Vitamin C and Niacinamide help to reveal brighter, more radiant skin while minimising hyperpigmentation. Refined powdered texture allows for gentle, customizable exfoliation.

Definitive Hyaluron Activator: A high-active, complex serum containing Bio-Placenta growth factors and a collagen-organizing tetrapeptide designed to boost the skin’s own moisturising factor, optimise its protective functions, and restore suppleness. Seven molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid deliver comprehensive hydration throughout all layers of the skin for a smoother, supple and more radiant finish.

Definitive Restoration Cream: A high-active, complex cream featuring peptides that increase growth factor levels within the skin that are essential to cellular regeneration, stem cell and fibroblast activity, and collagen production. The super-rich moisturising formulation offers immediate absorption, and works in harmony with potent active ingredients including growth factors, ceramides, antioxidants and AUTEUR Hyaluronic Complex to restore nourishment and density.

Made in Germany.


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