April Aromatics – Ray of Light

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Eau de Parfum Ray of Light by April Aromatics is a scent that savors the aroma of fresh citrus fruit, full of lemons, lime, pink grapefruit, oranges and bergamot.

Picture a classical still life: citrus fruits surrounded by mint leaves, a pipe on the side. That is how an artist would capture this fragrance in a painting. Ray of Light a scent, ethereal, fresh, suffused with brightness. Thus bringing serenity even in our darkest moments and interacting directly with our solar plexus. The soul of the perfume is lemon, which symbolizes the heart. Savor the aroma of fresh citrus fruit.  Which is full of lemons, lime, pink grapefruit, oranges and bergamot. Complement the rich citrus juice with a balance of wild greens. Due to a delicious verdant harmony of mint and galbanum.

The base comes from vetiver and aromatic blond tobacco. Which brings the desired depth to bind the light citrus oils, like a memory capturing magical moments. Ray of light is the sunbeam that tickles our nose, every time we crave warmth and light.

An Eau de Perfume flooding us with light, enriched with Herkimer diamonds for self-awareness and citrine for confidence, joy and clarity.


Accord of lime, lemon, pink grapefruit, orange and bergamot, galbanum, green mint, vetiver, tobacco.

This scent is infused with clear crystal and Herkimer diamond.



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