The brand is founded by Joelle Ciocco. Vitality, enthusiasm, generosity. And loyalty.

Everyone who has known and supported the creator of the Centre de Soins Joëlle Ciocco Paris is well aware of her outstanding qualities!

Joëlle Ciocco never wavers on the founding principles of her skincare philosophy and expertise. They are the cornerstones of a reputation that has earned her an appointment as Global Facial Expert with the L’Oréal Group.

A biochemist by training, Joëlle specializes in studying and carefully examining the epidermis to elucidate its ecosystem – or, in her own words: « the cloak that reflects the skin’s past and contains its future, and whose balance reveals a person’s beauty ».

She continues to push the limits of her research in a quest to truly understand skin.

The Joëlle Ciocco signature is a style in perfect harmony with the personality of a visionary who has become a pioneer in cosmetic skincare!

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