Suki velvet moisturizing cream

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A wonderful, mild and deeply hydrating yet lightweight, aromatherapeutic hand & body moisturizer that smoothes away bumps & dryness, soothes redness, irritation & discomfort, creates soft, smooth, sensuous skin all over in a subtle, but luxuriously, fragrant personal aroma.

For all skin types – with green tea, chamomile and fair trade shea butter

Key cosmeceuticals – flavonoids (green tea), bisabolols (chamomile) & fatty acids (fair trade shea butter)

Benefits: Use this sensuous, all over hand and body cream to deeply infuse the skin with healing moisture and 100% pure protection. Organic cocoa, coconut and shea butters nourish and mend dry skin in this unique formula that goes on super light but powerfully treats, penetrates and balances skin texture. Organic botanicals with healing properties hydrate and infuse this formulation to smooth away bumps and imperfections for healthier, smoother skin. Soft, original aromatic blend uplifts the senses.


  • 120 ml
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