Suki balancing day lotion

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A bestseller moisturizer from Suki Skincare – a lightweight, greaseless inflammation soothing, daily hydrator that boosts collagen synthesis, calms & soothes irritation & sensitive skin types, balances oil production, fights free radicals, relieves redness & inflammation, formulated for blemish-prone skin & for cell turnover. Feels wonderful and extremely soothing on your skin.

For all skin types looking for a ligther cream, particularly sensitive, acneic and any other condition of inflammation. Also formulated to normal, combination to oily, also perfect for teenagers’ and men’s skin – with white willow, rose & comfrey.

Apply every morning after cleansing, toning and perhaps serum. You can also mix a few drops of one of suki’s serums in this normalizing moisturizer (e.g. pure facial moisture – balancing, or pure facial moisture – nourishing, or bio-active purifying face serum, or bio-C 10% formula face serum or targeted bio-brightening face serum).

Key cosmeceuticals – salicylic acid standardized for 15% potency from white willow, retinol polypeptide liposome (vegetables), alkaloids (comfrey) & high potency botanic concentrate™ ( botanicals)

Benefits: Use this lightweight, greaseless lotion to infuse all day moisture while calming and soothing the complexion. This lotion’s powerful anti-inflammatory action comes from our unique natural salicylic acid standardized from white willow and used at a % high enough to combat a host of inflammatory skin issues. Customized blend of natural retinol polypeptides, which aides in preventing early signs of ageing as well as treating acne without the damaging side effects of synthetic retinols, and organic botancials deeply penetrates into skin layers to help blance oil production, reduces irritation and redness without clogging pores.

Cleansing is the single most important thing to do for your skin to achieve a beautiful, healthy looking skin. When your skin is clean, all active, strengthening and nourishing ingredients from plants and herbal extracts will penetrate your skin more easily and facilitate optimal effect. Therefore cleanse your skin morning and evening, follow with a toner that neutralizes lime in the water, refines your pores, strengthens and moisturizes your skin, and prepares your skin for the following serum and/or day cream to be massaged into your skin.


  • 30 ml
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