Hailing from Paris, Dany Diop is Amsterdam’s best-kept secret to healthy looking skin. Based in the ‘Antique Quarter’ of Amsterdam, he is the only Dutch-based epidemiologist trained in skin health and cosmetics by Parisian skin aficionado Joëlle Ciocco and Dr. Philippe Allouche of Biologique Recherche.


Dany’s clientele ranges from red-carpet regulars to those with serious skin damage. However, for the empathetic and enthusiastic Dany, every skin is of equal importance.  His appointment book speaks volumes, with fly-in visits by clients from around the world.


Dany believes in the skin’s ability to retrain itself to keep a youthful glow, with the help of his pure vitamins, the right cosmetics and a healthy lifestyle. His goal is to find the skin’s natural ecobalance through understanding each client and their needs.


“Beautiful skin does not come from an addiction to products. I only work with products developed by scientists. Together with the protocols I developed with them, I meticulously compose a treatment and number of products specifically targeted at your skin.”  Dany Diop


Dany Diop, Epidermologue ®